For me it always comes as a surprise, as a red letter day, when one of the crowd of girls and boys I go to the 'Discoteca' in the night, and though I'm single, left to my own devices, one in a million of shameless, full of jealousy people, I get excited when DJ Culture plays music for boys, I dance to disco with too many people near, when I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing, because it's a sin. We all feel better in the dark, and, though it's so hard, I find my Don Juan, and before he can think that to speak is a sin - love comes quickly to me, I'm losing my mind, my heart beats and I ask myself nervously: What have I done to deserve this? Do I have to love you? You are absolutely fabulous, my Euroboy (That's my impression about you), and though we've got a different point of view on Paninaro and the end of the world, I want to take you somewhere with me, in suburbia, where the streets have no name, because it couldn't happen here. Only the wind asks me: “Was it worth it?” and after some speculation I answer: “Se a vida e, it's worth living for and it's worth giving more”. As for you - don't be sad - you are always on my mind and I'm not scared of being boring like your funny uncle.

Written by Christina Wacht, 1998.