In My Humble Opinion

The new Pet Shop Boys' single I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More, so long awaited by their fans all around the world, has finally seen the daylight and now it's a point of stormy discussion.

 Everybody was wondered by its new sound and the simplicity of its lyrics, what confirmed recent Neil Tennant's claiming about their turning to pop sound.  Despite this ordinary metamorphosis, the song seemed not to suffer at all, but rather appeared in a different light: lyrical and harmonious introduction pleases the ear, soft pouring music and blending with its rhythm Neil's vocal give the single some shade of  melancholy and optimism, and the song turns into a confession of a sadly smiling man.

 The video, which ensued the single, made the fans wonder even more: the Boys have changed the
clothes of the BILINGUAL era to grotesque costumes which reminded the time of the VERY album. The big hair-do's and eye-brows, dark glasses and long button-throughs, looking like samurai's dresses - this is the new Pet Shop Boys' image on the eve of releasing the new album.

 It ought to be mentioned that the style of the Pet Shop Boys never was in step with the current music fashion and had been developing its own way, alone with themselves, reflecting their mood and outlook on life. Hence, the forthcoming album, like the previous BILINGUAL, will become a new landmark in their history and will be different to any its predecessors.

Dmitry Martynov, Unofficial Pet Shop Boys Partnership fan club site.


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